Principal Investigators

Yang Shao-Horn

W.M. Keck Professor of Energy

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering | MechE Faculty Page | DMSE Faculty Page

Office: 3-334

Phone: (617)-253-2259


Yuriy Román

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering | ChemE Faculty Page

Office: 66-558b

Phone: (617)-253-7090



Livia Giordano

Visiting professor

Office: 31-173


William Mounfield

Postdoctoral researcher

Office: 66-021


Shuai Yuan

Postdoctoral researcher

Office: 66-008; 31-173


Jiayu Peng

Graduate Student

Office: 31-173


Kaylee McCormack

Graduate Student

Office: 66-019


Our team at the TRI AMDD Conference, May 2019